5 Must Have Skills For A Digital Marketing Professional

Mudit Kumar |

14th February 2017

Skills Required For A Digital Marketing Professional
If businesses want to successfully implement digital marketing strategies in 2017 then they should have a digital marketing professional having some specific skill sets. And that digital marketing professional should keep evolving his skill sets in order to help marketing service providers grow. Leading digital marketing experts have suggested that the desired candidates must have following 5 skills.
1-SEO/SEM Expert
If you are willing to become an SEO expert, it is important to understand the benefits and core functions of it. Once you get a better understanding of how SEO works then it's your game. This makes analyzing results easy and helps you take the right decisions. Master the game of SEO and you can drive more traffic to the websites and there will be a growth in conversion results as well. If you can develop the right understanding of keyword researches and implementation, the subtle distinctions; how long the content should be, how much relevant it should be, and other useful methods of acquiring qualitative links, you are the digital marketing professional people look for in the market. SEO skills are the combination of two elements; creativity and technicality. One should know how to utilize guest blogging and how to make interest evoking topics, but should also have the knowledge of analyzing key errors of the site, such as 404's and broken links.
2-Video Content Marketing
Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the second largest search engine. It's a fact that video content has been preferred over written content because a large audience inclines towards video content and finds it more engaging. Video content is easily consumable and generates an enhanced level of engagement. Video Content Marketing is going to be an integral part of digital marketing solutions in the coming year. Often, it has been underused due to the lack of certain skills. If you can understand its concept and make more engaging video content then you can easily attract huge audience toward your business. The content of your videos should be easily understandable, satirical and creative. It attracts more audience because of its way of conveying information in more humanizing and creative way.
3- Community Management
It's not about optimizing images on Facebook or running paid ads in no direction. In cultivating a positive customer experience, social channels are the important pillars. Thus, organizations should hold a responsibility in nurturing and maintaining the community. This can be a time-consuming project, but when understood, it can return in a lot of benefits. Further, to reach a specific target audience, there should be an understanding of the social relationship between the customer and organization. To get positive results, you should learn how to use social media marketing learning tools. To get important insights of customers/ competitors; need, challenges, and preferences, keep monitoring the engagement of customers on social media platforms. This helps in making more audience-targeted videos.
4- Analytics
It has been the most unnoticed and overlooked digital marketing practice by many digital. To excel in digital marketing in a right direction, learn how to interpret and analyze the results and try to turn them into the actions towards profit.
5- Marketing Automation
It is another essential part of digital marketing. You should know how to deal with marketing automation. It helps in simplifying tasks and make them easier to use. We all had a time where we would sit for meetings from 9 to 5 and still get back home with a big to-do list. However, if you know how to handle marketing automation, then you are doing a great favor to your company.
An HR of a reputed digital marketing company once said, "it's an integral part of the company's growth and as the company evolves, it looks more into the specific set of skills; Content, SEO/SEM, Analytics and Social Media". Concerned digital marketing experts know the value of it. This is the reason companies and digital marketing firms want skilled people on managerial and executive levels for digital marketing solutions.