Amazon Marketing Services: Exploring Business Pathways For e-Commerce

Anirudh Bhardwaj |

25th April 2019

Are your products failing to get traction on Amazon? Is your brand value depreciating due to negligible customer engagement? It is time to avail Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to effectively promote your products and improve brand awareness.   Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform where sellers and vendors showcase their products to a large audience. The e-commerce giant is rapidly expanding its marketing landscape, creating pools of opportunities for marketers and advertisers. The Amazon marketplace hosts a large number of sellers and vendors, making the competition more intense than ever before. It creates a challenging situation for sellers to reach their target customers and achieve sales targets. Amazon recently launched Amazon Marketing Services with a variety of marketing features that enable sellers to effectively promote their products. This blog post highlights the best marketing practices for formulating effective brand promotion strategies on Amazon.

Types of Marketing
Three types of marketing options are available for merchants who have listed their products on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at them -
1 Amazon SEO
Amazon is a huge marketplace that sells almost everything from groceries to electronic appliances. You can browse through an extensive list of categories or directly search the product that you want to buy. More than 65% of the customers prefer the direct search option. A majority of online product searches happen directly on e-commerce platforms like Amazon rather than Google. In this context, Amazon can be regarded as a search engine where users can search, find and buy consumer products.   Amazon provides sellers an opportunity to organically improve the visibility of their products by optimizing product listing content. We refer to it as ‘Amazon SEO.’ The process is similar to standard SEO methodologies required for ranking high on Google, Bing or other search engines. It involves the use of keywords which are shortlisted keeping in mind the intent of your potential customers.  
1.1 Use of Keywords
You can use the shortlisted keywords in the product title, description, and FAQs. We recommended using the long tail keywords with moderate search density for the best results. Amazon has the provision for adding appropriate tags while listing products. Sellers can add as many tags as necessary.  
1.2 Product Information
product information Product description can be as informative as possible. The chances of your products ranking high in searches increase with the volume and quality of content on your page. We recommend you to highlight the key features of your product. Try to keep the content crisp, meaningful, and precise.  
1.3 Product Images
Product images are effective at enticing customers to buy from you. They have great significance in e-commerce. Customers tend to place a high emphasis on product images to make purchase decisions. High-quality images encourage customers to place their trust in them and buy them. It is therefore advisable to provide as many product images as possible. Ensure that the pictures are of high resolution and clearly describe the product. Don’t forget to provide alt attributes to all the images.  
2 Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a self-promotional program from Amazon which sellers and vendors can use to promote their product. It provides merchants with a variety of promotional tools and enables them to reach their targeted customers in a short timespan. Using AMS, merchants can show ads to users and influence their buying decisions. It helps in effectively targeting customers at the bottom of the conversion funnel.   There are three types of advertising formats that come under AMS namely Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads. Let’s discuss them in detail. Amazon Marketing Services
2.1 Sponsored Products
Sponsored Products ads are quite similar to Google ads where advertisers are charged on a pay-per-click basis. Advertisers can use them to place bids on keywords as per their search volume. They can also bid to place ads at the top, bottom or middle of the search page.  
2.2 Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Brands (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) incorporate banner ads that feature at different places on the search page. You can link these banners directly to your product page on Amazon. Ads are usually triggered in response to specific keywords.    
2.3 Product Display Ads
Product Display Ads usually appear on the product pages on the top right corner just above the similar product suggestions. While you are working on this particular ad type, the keyword strategy should be ‘intent-based targeting’ for better results.     
3 External Marketing Mediums
Apart from the first two methods, advertisers can also use external marketing mediums or third-party marketing programs. The mediums can be paid or unpaid and have nothing to do with Amazon Marketing Services. Let’s have a look at different types of external marketing mediums that we have access to.  
3.1 PPC Adverts
If you are using external mediums to promote your product on Amazon, the first mechanism that comes to mind is pay-per-click. You might notice numerous sponsored Ads on Google and Bing every time you search for a product. That’s PPC in action. PPC advertising through external mediums is not as effective as AMS. However, if you are seeking to launch full-fledged promotions across multiple channels, PPC should definitely be on your list.  
3.2 Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the oldest methods to promote your brand but it’s still as effective as it used to be. Even if you have listed your products on Amazon, you can still use email marketing as part of your marketing strategy.    
3.3 Social Media
Social media is an effective tool for promoting products and services. A sound marketing strategy is incomplete without the inclusion of social media. Your brand’s social media presence strengthens keeps you in a state of readiness to deal with the competition. Social media is ideal for updating followers about your products’ availability on Amazon. Your social media posts can drive customers directly to the product listings on Amazon.  
Closing Thoughts
You can significantly boost sales and conversions with Amazon Marketing Services and mainstream digital marketing practices. That being said, you need a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals to achieve desired outcomes. It will save time and money that you can invest in other important areas of your business.     
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