The Importance of Marketing Automation

Vidushi Vij |

23rd May 2019

Marketing is an essential part of any business whether big or small, thus it consumes a lot of time. There is always a time when you are fully packed for the day and not able to meet the deadlines on time. That time you wish you had someone who completes all your tasks on time. Now, what if we say that all your work can be done without you putting your precious time? Yes, this all can happen with marketing automation tools. Marketing automation is a technology that automatically streamlines the marketing process. It helps you prioritize your marketing tasks efficiently. It automates messages across emails which helps in targeting different customers becomes easier. In other words, Marketing automation tools make marketer’s work a lot easier and thus they can start focusing more on generating leads, branding and other important tasks. Have you ever thought about investing in a marketing automation tool, but stopped by think if it is worth it or not. Also Read: Importance Of Digital Marketing – No Matter The Type Of Your Business The question then arises on how to use Marketing Automation. To get the most business, marketers believe that email marketing is the key, then send blast emails to their entire client list, in the hope of gaining more business. Can marketing automation tools help your business? The answer is, Yes! We have used all of the following tools and can vouch for them. Following is the list of all those tools.

Best Marketing Automation Tools

ONTRAPORT is surely one of the best-kept secrets of business automation for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Not only it is easy to set up but is quite cheap also. Thus, professional bloggers, businesses and companies have been using Ontraport over the past few years. Ontraport has recently released its new update which is much smarter and easier to navigate than before. Another reason why it is most popular among companies is because of its great customer support.
Delivra is a cloud-based automated marketing platform made for companies to get maximum customer engagement. It is best suited for companies that do not have enough time or email experts. Delivera provides several tools that help in generating more business and get more leads. It has served almost 500 companies all over the world.
Marketo is a marketing automation tool used by big and small companies to engage customers. It allows companies to streamline and automate marketing tasks to increase revenue. It lets you drive more revenue and generate more leads. The tools are absolutely free to set up with free trials. So if you are thinking of using Marketo, start with the basic functionality and then move to its advance version.
Eloqua is one of those automation tools which is fully loaded and provides exceptionally best results. It is best suited for companies which are looking for enterprise level. Apart from that, the tools will cost a bomb. The Eloqua provides lead management tools and is a great option when you have support from technology vendors. A good marketer is the one who knows how to utilize his/her time to generate business for the company. To make this happen and to make marketers life easy, marketing automation tools plays a big role which helps them spend time in quality work. Tell us in the comments section, Which marketing automation tool do you use and why?

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