Essential Steps For Increasing e-Commerce Conversions

Anirudh Bhardwaj |

14th June 2019

In today’s cluttered market and ever-increasing competition, digital marketing has a big impact on the success of e-commerce businesses. Digital marketing is continuously evolving with new technological advancements, enabling e-commerce brands to attract potential customers. It is, therefore critical to align your digital marketing strategies with the requirements of your e-commerce business. For example, an ideal digital marketing strategy for B2B space will never work for its B2C counterparts and vice-versa.   If you want your e-commerce business to succeed, the first thing you need is a sales-oriented B2C digital marketing strategy. An e-commerce platform is characterized by its target audience. Here, the focus is on driving sales rather than generating leads. Likewise, the digital marketing strategy should target individual customers rather than small-to-medium businesses. Read further to know how you can augment sales and achieve your business goals.  

e-Commerce SEO
Search engine optimization is an essential element of a digital marketing strategy which is equally important for both B2B and B2C companies. However, they require different action plans and marketing strategies. In e-commerce (B2C), the primary goal of SEO is to rank your website in top product searches and drive organic traffic. A study reveals that 65% of online shopping experiences begin with a search query. Besides, the more organic traffic your e-commerce website gets, the more sales conversions your website will generate.   An ideal B2C digital marketing strategy includes:  
  • Keyword Research
Keyword research should always be on the top of your SEO checklist. Using the right keywords is the key to drive organic traffic to your e-commerce website. The keywords should be selected based on their search volume, competition, intent, and relevancy to your merchandise.  
  • Competitor Analysis
Keyword research and competitor analysis should always go hand-in-hand. Keep close tabs on the keywords that your competitors are using especially the ones that bring them business. Nevertheless, you will find several online tools over the internet that provide in-depth analysis of your competitors’ keyword strategy. We recommend using SpyFu for its intuitive UI and powerful features.        
  • On-page SEO
On-page optimization is an essential part of SEO and should be treated likewise in a B2C marketing plan. It enables you to rank your website on targeted keywords and is the primary source of organic traffic.  
  • Always define a focus keyword for each of your product pages.
  • Use 5-6 long tail keywords and keep the keyword density less than 2%.
  • Create a relevant meta title and meta description.
  • Ensure that you use the focus keyword in your page title and meta description also.
  • Use appropriate heading tags.
  • Provide 1-2 inbound links in each of your product pages.
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  • Image Optimizations   
An e-commerce website normally contains hundreds or even thousands of product images in different categories. If your website contains a large number of unoptimized images, then at least ensure that your new images are optimized properly. You can always optimize your older images in parallel.  
  • Upload multiple clear pictures of each and every product.
  • Upload high-quality images with least possible file size.
  • Keep the image file size low to reduce your website’s load time.
  • Provide alt attributes in each and every image.
  • Include focus keyword in your images’ alt text.    
Use Qualitative Marketing Tools
One of the best ways to improve your e-commerce conversion rates is to make use of qualitative data tools such as HotJar or CrazyEgg. These tools provide valuable insights into the preferences of your customers.   HotJar is an extremely useful tool that lets you create Heatmaps to analyze the average behavior flow of your customers. It gives a static view of what your customers like on your website. Session recording is another great feature that shows you live recordings of your customer’s screen. You can watch these videos to know what exactly are the customers doing on your website. It enables you to create ‘Conversion Funnels’ to know where your customers are dropping off.
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Provide Detailed Product Descriptions
A product description is a marketing copy which provides important information about your product and its features to potential buyers. Creating product descriptions is your best chance to engage your website visitors and push them down the conversion funnel. It is the part where you can also use various keywords to improve your website’s organic rankings.   First and foremost, think from your customer’s perspective. Show them exactly what they want to read in product descriptions. The best product descriptions are those that target your visitors directly and personally. For example, you can start with a problem statement and then list down the product benefits and how it addresses the common issues. Always end a product description with a CTA for maximum impact.     
Optimize Webpages For Mobile
Mobile optimization is essential for both B2B and B2C websites. If your e-commerce website is not mobile responsive or doesn’t adhere to AMP protocols, then you can’t expect a good search ranking. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a newly introduced website performance metric that fosters a mobile-first methodology to develop and optimize webpages. Top search engines like Google and Bing Prioritize AMP-enabled websites for their search rankings. It is, therefore, critical to optimize your webpages for mobile devices to achieve better search engine rankings.
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