4 Quick and easy Tips to rank higher on google In 2019

Anubhav Singh |

11th June 2019

Google alone controls 91% of the worldwide search engine market with over 64,000 searches happening every second.   Search engine optimization is an essential element of a digital marketing strategy that enables marketers and publishers to rank higher on google. Digital marketers have to stay on top of every Google search algorithm update since Google frequently refines its search engine. Considering how quickly Google algorithms evolve, it is a challenging task to keep up with the SEO best practices. In this blog post, we have rounded up some of the most effective tips to rank higher on google. Some of them are easier than the others, but even novice marketers can use them to their advantage. We have listed the best SEO practices that digital marketers should follow to increase their websites’ organic traffic.  

1#- Focus on long tail keywords
Keywords are the search terms that people enter in a search engine to get the desired results. Simply pick a keyword that best describes your business and value proposition. For example, if you are running a travel agency, use keywords like “cheap flights to London,” “top hotels in Spain,” or “Interesting places to visit in New Zealand.” Once you are done with the keyword research for your business, use those in your website content. You can stuff these keywords in blog posts, meta title, meta description of your webpages, and most importantly in your heading tags. Try using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to evaluate the search volume of your keywords and the average competition. You can filter out the keywords that are most relevant to your business in this manner.  
#2 Optimise your website regularly
Google evaluates website performance, its overall design, and structure as part of its ranking mechanism. Therefore, you must ensure that the number of broken links on your website is zero and you have a good permalink structure. Also, keep updating your sitemap to let Google crawl and index your website easily. Another area you need to focus on is your website’s responsiveness. If your website is responsive, it enables you to deliver your content to more number of people on more devices. It ensures a smooth user experience across different platforms. At Oodles Marketing, we understand the importance of good user experience for visitors. We optimize your website with relevant keywords and best SEO practices to increase its visibility across search engines. Contact us today to make your website SEO ready in no time with immersive website navigation.
#3 Create quality content
Google prioritizes websites with high-quality content and ranks them in top searches. It is important to note that users are always looking for relevant information. It is, therefore critical to provide visitors with relevant and high-quality content for better engagements. Increased user engagements result in reduced bounce rate and improved search engine rankings.
#4 Backlinks
A website’s backlinks are the incoming links that are created when one website links to another through their content. As simple as it sounds, these links make a huge difference when it comes to SERP rankings. Getting backlinks from websites with high DA scores can greatly improve your organic rankings. It informs Google that the content is important and gives its web crawler another path to access that content.