How to Target Country Specific Website Traffic

Indrajeet Kumar |

28th June 2019

Want to target country specific website traffic. We have many different ways to target country specific traffic like in the USA, UK, and other countries.

There are following ways to target country specific website traffic:
  • Domain:  If you want to get traffic from a specific country then you can buy a domain name with the country code like,, etc. or, If you are targeting globally then you can buy domain name generally contain extension like .com and .org to improve your presence on Google.
  • Website Hosting Server Location: Server location is one of the significant factors to target country specific website traffic. If you want to drive geo-targeted traffic like, you want to drive traffic from the USA you have to host your website on USA based server ex- Bluehost, SiteGround. If you are targetting traffic from the UK, Host your website on UK based Server.
  • Backlinks: Another significant factor to target country specific website traffic. You need to create backlink country specific. A country-specific backlink is the best way to generate organic traffic from a specific country.
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  •  Google Webmaster Tool(GWT) Geo-Targeting: Using Google webmaster tool you can target a specific country. In this tool have the option to select a country to improve the presence of your website in a specific country. Log in using your Email-Id and verify your website in the Google Webmaster    Tool(GWT), and under >Search Traffic > International Targeting. And you can select the specific country you wish to target.
  • Submit Your Website To Local Search Engine and Directories: For country based traffic: you should submit your website to local web directories, local search engines and press release websites for country targeted traffic which is a very useful practice to generate backlinks.
  • Content Level Targeting: If you want ranking higher on Search Engine then you have to focus on your content. Because content is the main signal for search engine. Google easily determine which country you are targeting. And also you have to focus kind of content and language. Want to target multiple countries with your .com or, .org extension, you have to add the country name in your title and description.