Tips To Get More Backlinks For A Small Business Website

Neeraj Charaya |

28th June 2019

Being an owner of a small business website, you may find it hard getting your site noticed online when competing against big brands especially if you’re not an SEO expert. Now you may know that you need to get more backlinks pointing back to your website, let’s figure out how to get those links. Writing great content like blog posts is actually a great way to get organic traffic. But sharing guest post content on other websites is just the tip of the iceberg of strategies to boost your organic rankings. In fact, there are some other ways to get more backlinks for your small business website which you have not considered yet. In addition, you don’t need to bother with the technicalities of SEO services even if that’s not your forte. Check out some of the ways to get more backlinks for your small business website.

  1. Create Infographics
Infographic is the most widely used form of content which is being shared online. Infographics is the visual representations of data, information or knowledge to present the information quickly and clearly. Because infographics are so easy to use and fun to look at, they get widely shared on social media. Moreover, other bloggers or companies of your niche/industry will add your infographic to their own content, linking back to your website. You can create an infographic on any topic. Create the one which is related to your business that’s also interesting to your target audience. Don’t have design skills? Don’t worry, there are a no. of free online tools which can create an eye-catching infographic.
  1. Offer a free online tool
Another best way to drive traffic and get more backlinks for a small business website is to offer a free online tool. For example, CoSchedule offers a free headline analyzer targeted towards marketers and content creators. This tool is linked to many blog posts about how to write better headlines. So, if you can create a free online tool on your website, it could get potentially linked to many related articles as well.
  1. Create content with customer data
Data and statistics boost the accountability and credibility of blog posts, and many writers use them to strengthen their point. What will happen if many writers could use the data provided by your business? That will help you in getting a lot of potential backlinks. Don’t have customer data? Create one. Conclusion: The topic of SEO can affect many small business owners. But with these easy well-implemented tips for how to get more quality backlinks for a small business website, business owners can enjoy a boost in search engine rankings. The more online users that discover your business through these types of content, the more potential leads you’ll be able to generate.